Intelligent Signal & Information Processing

APSIPA ASC 2019 ( is the 11th annual conference organized by Asia-Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association (APSIPA), which will be held on November 18-21, 2019, in Lanzhou, China. Founded in 2009, APSIPA aims to promote research and education in signal processing, information technology, and communications. The annual conferences have been held previously in Sapporo, Japan (2009), Singapore (2010), Xi’an, China (2011), Los Angeles, USA (2012), Kaohsiung, China (2013), Siem Reap, Cambodia (2014), Hong Kong, China (2015), Jeju, Korea (2016), and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2017) and Hawaii, USA (2018). APSIPA is interested in all aspects of signal and information processing theories, algorithms, securities, implementations, and applications. All accepted papers will be indexed by EI compendex and archived by IEEE Xplore.

The technical program includes, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Biomedical Processing and Systems
  • Image, Video, and Multimedia
  • Signal and Information Processing Theories and Methods
  • Signal Processing Systems: Design and Implementation
  • Speech, Language, and Audio
  • Wireless Communications and Networks
  • Data Analytics and Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning-based Signal Processing
  • Multimedia Security and Forensics
  • Signal and Information Processing in Energy and Sustainability
  • Signal and Information Processing for the Internet of Things
  • Signal and Information Processing Education

Lastest News

  • [ Nov. 26, 2019 ] INFO: About the 'Fapiao' issue for attendess from China Mainland, please send email to if you have any questions.
  • [ Nov. 18, 2019 ] INFO: Free shuttle buses will be arranged for attendees to the airport departure. The following table shows the time schedule of shuttle buses. We strongly recommend you to choose the bus number which is three hours before your flight departure. If you need it, please register at the sign-in desk in GICC 1F before 6:00 pm on Nov. 20th. Attendees who have already sent your departure time to before, there is no need for you to register again. Attendees who have registered the shuttle bus MUST arrive the departure place (the Gate of Crowne Plaza Hotel) 10 minitutes before the bus departure time. There will be volunteers in red jacket helping you.

  • [ Nov. 18, 2019 ] INFO: Receipts have been ready for all the attendees, you can obtain it at the sign-in desk in GICC, 1F.
  • [ Nov. 18, 2019 ] INFO: For Chinese attendees, the invitation letter has been ready, you can obtain it at the sign-in desk in GICC, 1F. For the 'Fapiao' issue, please go to the information desk to check the title, tax number and your email, and we will send an electronic 'Fapiao' to your email. For attendees who have already checked these information, please go to the information desk to check it again! Sorry for the trouble to you.
  • [ Nov. 18, 2019 ] INFO: The Dinner / Lunch voucher has been provided in your file bag, please take and enjoy it.
  • [ Nov. 16, 2019 ] INFO: If you encounter any urgent problems during the conference meeting, please contact (+86) 136-5932-8581 or (+86) 152-1057-4184.
  • [ Nov. 16, 2019 ] INFO: Winter School is coming soon. Click here for more information.
  • [ Nov. 15, 2019 ] INFO: A WeChat program called 'APSIPA Mate' is ready to help the attendees to manage the conference. With APSIPA Mate, you can browse sessions and papers, bookmark sessions and papers you are interested. Most importantly, APSIPA Mate will be the official information center of the entire conference, and all the information will be announced through this program. To install APSIPA Mate, firstly you need install the WeChat APP from, and then scan the following WeChat QR code using WeChat APP.
  • APSIPA Mate WeChat QR code
  • [ Nov. 14, 2019 ] INFO: Click here for brief technical program (PDF), and click here for expanded technical program (PDF). BTW, the sign-in desk is at Gansu International Conference Center(GICC), 1F.
  • [ Nov. 14, 2019 ] URGENT: Due to constraints in the presentation area, the poster board that the local team ultimately provides is in size of 1 meter height * 1.3 meter width, smaller than what we expected. This means that your poster should not be larger than A0 size and must be in landscape style (wider rather than higer). Apologies if this caused any trouble to you.
  • [ Nov. 7, 2019 ] INFO: Free shuttle buses will be arranged for participants at the airport and train station. For better arrange the shuttle buses, please download this table and fill in your time schedule, then send it to
  • [ Nov. 4, 2019 ] Registration for Winter School is OPEN!
  • [ Nov. 3, 2019 ] Authors are invited to submit a 'portrait poster' in A3 size, landscape, to introduce their papers and institutes. The template can be download from here. The portrait posters will be put up in corridors of the conference venue. If you are interested, please email your portrait poster to before Nov. 15.
  • [ Oct. 18, 2019 ] URGENT: Attendees who hold foreign passports MUST provide the follow information before Oct. 21: (1) Nationality (2) Name (3) Gender (4) Title (5) Institute (6) Student or Not (7) Passport info page. This is the strict request of the authroity. Please send the info to If you have completed the pre-registration before, please ignore the message.
  • [ Oct. 15, 2019 ] REMIND: (1) Papers not covered by full registration before Oct. 31, 2019 will not be included in the proceedings. (2) According to regulation of the authority, foreigners must complete the registration process before Oct. 31, 2019 (i.e., No later registration or on-site registration are possible).
  • [ Oct. 15, 2019 ] INFO: the Technical Program is ready.
  • [ Oct. 11, 2019 ] Update the Webpage of List Of Accepted Papers.
  • [ Oct. 06, 2019 ] Update the Webpage of Technical Program.
  • [ Oct. 01, 2019 ] We have solved the 'Fapiao' issue for attendess from China Mainland. Please send a request to if you need a 'Fapiao'.
  • [ Sep. 23, 2019 ] Update the Webpage of Overview Session.
  • [ Sep. 23, 2019 ] Update the Webpage of Autoware Workshop.
  • [ Sep. 23, 2019 ] Update the Webpage of Room Reservation.
  • [ Sep. 15, 2019 ] INFO: If you have any questions regarding the registration process, kindly contact or join us WeChat group for assistance. More details please visit Registration System.
  • [ Sep. 11, 2019 ] INFO: For China (Mainland) participants, the Registration Payment System supports the bank transfer payment method. Please indicate your name and paper ID when transferring the account.
  • [ Sep. 6, 2019 ] REMIND: The Final Paper Submission System will be reopening from September 7 to September 10, 2019 23:59 (GMT).
  • [ Sep. 4, 2019 ] REMIND: For an accepted paper to be published in the conference proceedings, it must be covered by at least ONE full registration on or before November 1, 2019.
  • [ Sep. 3, 2019 ] Update the Webpage of Winter School.
  • [ Aug. 29, 2019 ] INFO: the Registration System is open.
  • [ Aug. 21, 2019 ] INFO: the Final Paper Submission System is open.
  • [ Aug. 20, 2019 ] Update the Webpage of Industrial Forum.
  • [ Aug. 13, 2019 ] INFO: the conference publication committee is negotiating with IEEE over the copyright issue, and the instruction for camera-ready paper upload will be sent to the authors soon.
  • [ Aug. 2, 2019 ] According to the request of the official policy, attendees outside of China should send their passport info page to via email, together with name, passport ID, nationality, and associated paper ID (if applicable). Attendees from the Taiwan region should provide Taibao Zheng ('台胞证').
  • [ Aug. 2, 2019 ] Decision result has been sent via email to all authors.
  • [ July 31, 2019 ] Notification of paper acceptance will be postponed to August 2.
  • [ July 9, 2019 ] INFO: the paper submission system is closed now.
  • [ June 28, 2019 ] Friendly reminder: the new paper submission system will be closed in June 30, 2019, 00:00:00(GMT).
  • [ June 18, 2019 ] For special sessions: PDF files can be updated within 7 days after the submission deadline.
  • [ June 18, 2019 ] For regular sessions: PDF files can be updated within 10 days after the submission deadline.
  • [ June 14, 2019 ] Notification of the Special Sessions List.
  • [ June 13, 2019 ] Update the Webpage of Keynote Speakers.
  • [ June 4, 2019 ] Update the Webpage of Conference Venue.
  • [ May 27, 2019 ] Extend the deadline of Tutorial Proposals, and update the Webpage of TutorialsPanels.
  • [ May 13, 2019 ] The Paper Submission System is opening.
  • [ May 2, 2019 ] Welcome Mingyi He, Yu Tsao and Isao Echizen to the TPC Co-Chairs Committee.
  • Paper Submission

    Prospective authors are invited to submit papers of 4 to 10 pages in length.

    All papers presented and published in the Proceedings of APSIPA ASC 2019 are EI indexed and will be available in IEEE Xplore.

    Important dates

    Submission of Proposals for Special Sessions May 1, 2019   May 20, 2019
    Submission of Proposals for Forum, Panel & Tutorial June 1, 2019   June 8, 2019
    Submission of Regular Session Papers June 1, 2019   June 20, 2019
    Submission of Special Session Papers June 15, 2019   June 30, 2019
    Notification of Paper Acceptance July 31, 2019   August 2, 2019
    Submission of Camera-Ready Papers September 1, 2019
    Early-bird Registration Deadline September 1, 2019   September 30, 2019
    Tutorial Session Date November 18, 2019
    Summit and Conference Dates November 18-21, 2019